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Our brand was founded by Betty Tung in 1978, a time when Betty’s gender, ethnicity and lack of ski pedigree made her an outlier in the winter sports industry.  Undeterred, she forged ahead with her vision of bringing high-quality fashion skiwear at accessible prices to the North American market. 

With a background in chemical engineering and the help of her father who was a leading Hong Kong-based manufacturer, Betty used her experience in fabric technology and garment know-how to create FERA skiwear.  Our distinctive logo, a stylized hybrid of the letters ‘F’ and ‘Y’, is a tribute to her father and a mark of excellence on everything we make.

Today, FERA remains independent and family-owned and operated.   Our product range has expanded to include lifestyle outerwear and apparel, as well as sporty sweaters and base layers sold under th